Big Tree Contest

Stay tuned for Info on the 2024 Big Tree Contest, including this year's prizes. Congratulations again to last year's winners Lucian Mustain with the Grand Prize and $1,000 towards Husqvarna products at MC-Power in Truro, and to Carolyn Benvie who scored a sweet belt knife from Grohmann Knives in Pictou.

If you have a tree you'd like to enter already, or for more contest info contact Inquire about the Big Tree Contest

Prizes awarded for Largest Softwood & Largest Hardwood.

Sponsored by: Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association

Who May Enter: Any Forest Technician employed in Nova Scotia

Measurements: Height - To the nearest metre of foot. Diameter - To the nearest centimeter or inch

NOTE: Trees entered in contest must be measured and witnessed by NSFTA member

CLOSING DATE: January 1 of every year

Big Tree Contest Guidelines

Guidelines for Entrants of Big Trees. Open to Public

  1. All trees must be alive at time of submission.
  2. Trees can be native or non-native to the province.
  3. All trees must be measured and if possible photographed. G.P.S. of map grid by a NSFTA member.
  4. Permission must be given by the owner of the tree to be entered for measurements and documenting the tree.
  5. More than one tree per person per year can be submitted to the NSFTA Big Tree committee if more than one species is submitted by the same person.
  6. Contestants must have the trees submitted before January 1.
  7. A total point system will determine the winners for the contest. For example. Ht: 20 metres Dia: 70 metres Total points = 90 pts.

History of the Big Tree Contest

The Big Tree Contest was established during the early 1970's with Mr. George Lake as Chairman. During that period there was a good deal of interest in the contest and a list of the entrants was recorded.

In 1983 Bart Wainwright was appointed Chairman of The Big Tree Contest and held that title until 1986 when yours truly was nominated as Chairman to the present time.

Since 1986 the contest was open to Forest Technicians with the province and there has been a fairly good response. Posters were developed and mailed throughout the province concerning the contest before the Annual Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association Meetings.

From 1986 to the present all trees submitted to the contest are scored by totalling the height of the trees and the diameter.


Red Spruce = Height 30 metres
Diameter 80 cm.
Total Points 110 pts.

The Largest hardwood tree entered in the contest, until 1980, was an Oak. The tree was found by Leslie Cameron and located at Waugh's River, Colchester County. The circumference was 14 feet 9 inches with a height of 89 feet.

R.J. MacNair entered the largest softwood tree (White Pine) until 1980, located at Watford, Lunenburg County with a circumference of 11 feet 6 inches and a height of 116 feet.

The largest softwood tree overall recorded since 1980 was submitted by Gerald Richards. The species was a White Pine measuring 29 metres in height with a diameter of 101 centimetres, for a total score of 130 points. The tree is located near West New Annan, Colchester County.

The largest hardwood tree submitted since 1980 was a White Elm measured by Ed Davidson, Onslow, Colchester County, with measurements of 20 metres in height and a diameter of 164 centimetres for a total score of 184 points.

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